Witweet Technologo Co., Ltd.
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6YRSWitweet Technologo Co., Ltd.

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WITWEET Technology CO., LTD was a gourp company,established in 2011 and has its own brand called Timberwood, which is registered in 2017. Our speciallized products are acoustic guitar ,classical guitar, Ukulele and electric & bass guitar . Over these years, our products have been sold to Middle East, South America, Australia and European Markets through some trading companies . In order to better serve overseas customers, we set up a branch of the factory branch last year.
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מדינה / אזור
Guangdong, China
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5 - 10 People
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Below US$1 Million
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Timberwood Guitar
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5 Years
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$300 Thousand - $500 Thousand
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(שם מוצר)Ukulele; (ייצור שנתי נפח) 50000 Piece/Pieces
(שם מוצר)Guitar; (ייצור שנתי נפח) 50000 Piece/Pieces
(שם מוצר)null; (ייצור שנתי נפח) null null